Educating students for 生活

低年级学生被鼓励通过提出有意义的问题和发现答案来培养他们天生的好奇心. 低年级的学术课程以几个多学科的学习机会而著称, including the second grade Coral Reef Deep Dive, third grade Astronomy Overnight, and fifth grade Colonial America Experience. In addition to their core academic classes, students participate in co-curricular classes, 包括视觉艺术, 音乐 & 表演艺术, 体育课, and World Languages. MVS offers instruction in 普通话 and 西班牙语 beginning in the early childhood school, with French added as an option in the middle and upper schools. 

In addition to everyday immersive learning, the lower school academic calendar includes a two-week Immersion Term, during which students in grades 1-5 dive into topics of interest, studying in multi-age groups with dedicated teachers. Past lower school Immersions include “Dinosaurs and Fossils,” “What’s the Code?” and “Finding the Beat.”


一年级 课程

在一年级,学生们在幼儿园学到的知识和技能的基础上学习. Their learning deepens and becomes more applicable across all subject matters. Through concrete modeling and collaborative learning experiences, the basic foundation of reading, 写作, and mathematics are integrated into daily life in first grade.

在MVS, we believe creating a safe and healthy environment allows students to fully engage, take risks and get the most out of their learning and relationships. For the first six weeks, 学生们重新熟悉了在幼儿学校使用的响应式课堂模式. 通过这个模型, they build relationships, develop a caring classroom community, collectively set classroom expectations, and set the tone for a healthy social emotional learning environment.

第一天, our students are asked what they want to learn in first grade, because having ownership over their learning is crucial to academic investment. 读写能力在一年级的时候就被扩展了,十大正规赌博平台大全排行的老师和学生们做的很多事情都是建立读写能力的联系:语言, 写, reading and problem solving. 加深他们的读写能力是十大正规赌博平台大全排行一年级学生成为更深入的思考者和更仔细的读者的方式, able to better articulate their thoughts and digest information.

First grade culminates in an individual authorship project, 这种经历使他们为二年级的更精细、更综合的学习项目做好准备.


  • 语言艺术
  • 数学
  • 表演艺术
  • 体育课
  • 科学
  • 社会研究
  • 视觉艺术
  • World Languages (西班牙语 & 普通话)
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • 朋友 & 有爱心的

身临其境的 课堂经验

Hands-on learning well beyond Immersion Term

在低年级,沉浸式学习并不局限于两周的沉浸式学期. 在每个年级, 学生在MVS和更大的代顿社区参加各种实践经验. 这些沉浸式低年级体验的亮点包括二年级珊瑚礁深潜, 这是一次为期一周的海洋研究,最后是一次大型走廊展示和纽波特水族馆之旅, third grade Astronomy Sleepover, which includes a campout and stargazing at school as well as trips to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery; fourth grade Glen Helen Overnight, an extended outdoor education experience in Yellow Springs, Ohio; and fifth grade trip to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, 这是他们对美国殖民地多重视角研究的顶点. During the academic year, you’ll find MVS lower school students visiting local farms, 花园, 餐厅, 博物馆, 公园, 还有历史遗迹, taking their learning outside of the traditional classroom and into the real world.

较低的学校 教师 & 工作人员

我对十大正规买球平台及其对我女儿的教育所带来的价值深信不疑, 心理成长, and character building. The school has gained my trust that she has entered a family that cares about her, 挑战她, and offers her endless opportunities."

John Bommer, MVS Parent

扩展 一天

MVS提供延长一天(也称为Kids Club),这是一个课后充实项目. The program is intended to keep your child engaged and active after dismissal in a safe, 监督, 有趣的环境. Our program follows best practices for expanded school day learning. Children will engage in unstructured play, academic skill-building, organized recreational play, 工艺品, games and puzzles and homework help, 如果有必要的话. 延长一天 intends to enrich lives and develop strong, positive character traits.

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